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I know you’re here for the cookbook (and it’s cominnnnnng).


I’m self publishing, which is a process indeed, but the reward in doing so is that I get to have creative control over my own content, and my own experience; unlike traditional publishing. 


While uncovering the process of publishing, I have learned so much, and I plan to take you all on the journey with me!  The manuscript is due very very soon. 


In the meantime, stay up to date  on when the launch of my cookbook will be announced by clicking the “subscribe” link below. I will personally keep you updated on the cookbook  AND send out some recipes via email, to hold you down until its in your hands!  Also, continue to like, follow, comment, and share my content on IG! The continuous and open dialogue cultivates a community of enlightening conversation. See you soon on the other side of the cookbook!



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By Anne Oh
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How cool is it that you’re on this website just off of the strength of wanting to cook AND eat better?!


I don’t know about you, but thats  super cool to me!

You should really never say never. I was absolutely, 100%, one of those people who said “I could never be a vegan”, and 

I might have even said it with an attitude. Now look at me, creating a whole plant based cookbook too.

I studied Healthcare in college; in fact I have my BS from Howard University in Healthcare Management, and I studied Health Informatics at George Washington, DC.; however, my interest in healthcare didn’t peak until 2017.  I’ll expound more on that later.

I come from a family of carnivores. We’re West African, so our diet consist of A LOT of meat and starch, and I mean A LOT. It wasn’t  until one of my family members started having health issues during December of 2014 and had to have surgery, (three surgeries actually). Then, is when I realized that I need to get it together (and it still took me 3 years after that).  The condition in which my family member had said that her diet was a major factor in her condition.  From that moment, I quickly did my research, which I would encourage EVERY ONE of you to do on your own.  Look into the relationship between nutrition and health, food, and health.  When I really got into the thick of things, I got to the “Alkaline Level; Level 7, as I like to call it…Get it? Anyway, I learned more about the alkaline lifestyle from Alfred Bowmen, Arnold Ehret, Robert Morse, and further independent research. 


I would hear a lot of vegans/plant based eaters say “I have sooooooo much energy after becoming vegan”; however, that was not my initial case, AT ALL.  Because I was pretty much  ignorant to all of the facets of transitioning from meat eater to plant based eater, I did’t realize that if I was giving up meat/dairy aka protein that had to make up for the change by tripling maybe even quadrupling my food intake.  So, my experience was not that of the people I would hear about.  I became lethargic, lost 23 pounds (unwanted) and I was just always tired. It wasn’t until I met with a dietician and my primary doctor that I found out that my B12  levels went from 727 to 300 in 2 months and my ferritin and iron levels plummeted too. My doctor put me on iron supplements and my appetite grew and energy got better.  Everyone’s experience is their OWN.  I am NOT a medical doctor and suggest you speak to your Primary Care Physician AND a Dietician to share your stats/meals and concerns with before fully transitioning.

Majority of my followers know what the alkaline "diet”is, ( I don’t really like the word “diet” because that seems temporary and it’s more-so a lifestyle). So from this point on, I will be referring to the “alkaline diet” as the “alkaline lifesyle”

What is an alkaline diet?


The alkaline lifestyle is based on a theory that some foods cause your body to produce acid, which is harmful to the body and that by eating only plant based foods with an alkaline PH you help reduce the chance of any disease thriving.



I think that it’s so amazing that there are over 20,000 people

that like my recipes/post. I can genuinely say that I just simply

love to cook and wanted to share with my followers,

that just because we’re plant based eaters

does not mean we have to give up tasty foods!


My intention for this cookbook is to create meals that are really good and not just settling for eatable meals

because we need to eat better. 

 I wanted to make alkaline versions of our all time favorites. 

Be the first to get notified when the cookbook is ready and for something cool I would love to share with you!


Anne Oh

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